Looking back on 2019, looking ahead for 2020

Wow, every time I’m looking back on the past year I’m amazed how many awesome things happened, how many wonderful connections have been made, how many insights I have received, how much growth has occured…and my heart is filled with so much gratitude..the best frequency to vibe on really. I’m gonna concentrate on the highlights of the year of 2019 otherwise I could go on and on about the all the blessings and challenges, which are also blessings in disguise to show who we truly are. These highlights being: Doing full time what I truly love: giving sessions, massages and co-leading the women’s circle Who I really am, how do I work, how does it feel to be at home within myself Soul family connections and expressing myself Stepping into my personal power, doing full time what I really love  This has been really big for me. I spent most of 2018 in Bali with inner work, self-transformation, letting go and coming home to myself. So my wish for 2019 was to solidly stay home wi

The Kundalini Shakti Goddess of the Universe Is Rising (Nov-Dec 2019)

OK folks, I just have to dedicate the blog post on the last two months of the year fully to the Shakti Goddess as Her presence in my life has been really intense.   The Goddess of the Universe is WOW. There were three specific events when I got fully shaktivated, namely the Shaktipat Sound Relaxation co-created by Gyani Grace and awesome Nature Tales guys Jakob and Markus; an Ancient Tantra Kriya Yoga session with Mikkel and the Goddess Fitness dance led by the wonderful Ida Kristiane Hulahula. But my initial experiences with Shakti started further back in 2016, especially since 2018 when I got initiated by an Arcturian life form in the body of a French girl called Mégane 😉 on Koh-phangan and my whole stay on Mother Bali who is the Goddess Herself Shaktivating us. So by now I fully understand She came through in the Ayahuasca experience, other plant medicine and all kinds of magical experiences. I can connect with Her inside of me any time to various degrees. But who is She and